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Braithwaite’s Family Dental has a proud history of dental service in the Manning Valley for over 100 years! Locals helping locals, in a family friendly environment. 

Braithwaite’s Family Dental has a proud history of dental service in the Manning Valley. Dr Mark Braithwaite has practised in Taree since 1988 when he joined his father Dr Brian Braithwaite in Manning Street. Dr Brian had come to Taree in 1962 to take over the practice of Dr George Ruprecht, who had commenced in 1918. In 2018, we celebrated 100 years of the practice servicing the area.

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When all else fails we may need to remove an ailing tooth. Aside from discomfort, persistent infections can be a risk to your overall health.

Periodontal Plans

Often the dentist may identify ongoing gum problems and plan with the hygienist thorough scaling appointments often coinciding with visits for dental restorations

Oral Hygiene

Our practice is fortunate to have the services of Megan Gollan who holds a Bachelor of Oral Hygiene degree from the University of Newcastle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please present your Medicare card first and we can check that Medicare will cover each child.

Yes, we do. Select appointment spaces are kept available for emergencies on that day. You can phone after 8.30 am to make an appointment on the day, or you can book online.

We certainly do.
​Our office staff will use your health fund card to enter the required information to generate an on the spot refund, and then you settle the balance. Please remember that in offering this service that we are not a representative of the health funds. At times the health funds may decline payment. You may need to pay the invoice and we can advise you what you what further information you may need to present to your fund.

Our charges are priced according to the type of extraction. A simple extraction will start from $195. However a tooth may need additional care or even surgical removal. These are priced according to the complicating features. We will take x-ray images and discuss your options before proceeding.


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