Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please present your Medicare card first and we can check that Medicare will cover each child.

Yes, we do. Select appointment spaces are kept available for emergencies on that day. You can phone after 8.30 am to make an appointment on the day, or you can book online.

Yes, we do. We offer both full and partial dentures, acrylic and metal frame, and dentures that are retained by implants or precision attachments to your remaining teeth. Denture design can critically affect your existing teeth so talk to our dentists to discuss the best options.

Dental restorations are priced according to the type of material and the number of surface involved. A tooth is described like a box with up to five surfaces that may need repairing. A small simple filling will start from $150. Larger restorations requiring more time and material are priced according to item numbers that also allow you to claim increasing benefits from your health fund. After a dental exam, we can propose a treatment plan and calculate an estimate of charges. By planning to do adjacent restorations together, the time efficiency often allows us to discount our fees.

Yes, we are. We like to see new faces! If you have an emergency we can accommodate you, but please contact us early in the day.

We certainly do.
​Our office staff will use your health fund card to enter the required information to generate an on the spot refund, and then you settle the balance. Please remember that in offering this service that we are not a representative of the health funds. At times the health funds may decline payment. You may need to pay the invoice and we can advise you what you what further information you may need to present to your fund.

​We have a lovely Dental Therapist on our team who can treat children up to the age of 18. Megan Gollan is great with kids and very aware of how important dental education is to preventing dental problems, and has visited some of the preschools. So chances are your child may have already met her. In some cases a child may need to see our dentists who offer nitrous oxide sedation or laughing gas. We find this can be a very useful way of gradually acclimatising an anxious child to dental care. In extensive cases we can also arrange treatment under general anaesthetic with all the necessary support at the hospital.

Yes. Megan Gollan is also registered as a hygienist holding a Bachelor of Oral Health degree from the University of Newcastle. She can perform cleaning, scaling and preventive measures such as fissure sealing and fluoride treatment on all ages of patients. She also is great at educating her patients about their diet and home oral hygiene measures. Routine recall hygiene and appointments are a great way to keep your mouth fresh and should be scheduled with your regular dental exam.

Yes. We are able to provide a range of services for eligible patients who have received emergency or general care vouchers from the Hunter New England Health Service public dental clinic. If you are a health card holder or a pensioner please make your situation known to our staff and we can tailor a treatment plan to your requirements and discuss a discount.

Our charges are priced according to the type of extraction. A simple extraction will start from $195. However a tooth may need additional care or even surgical removal. These are priced according to the complicating features. We will take x-ray images and discuss your options before proceeding.